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October 26, 2011

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Accelerate your Learning 

Read below to learn how! Earn credit towards your weekly required attendance!

These lessons are very easy to access! Just follow the steps below. **All classroom interaction WILL be recorded, so professional behavior is expected at ALL times. You are not required to release your identity at any time during these sessions.**

  1. Make certain your speakers are connected and turned on.
  2. Turn your volume up.
  3. Turn all pop-up blockers off.
  4. Visit this classroom link or the one sent to you immediately.
  • If you can access it, you will be prompted to enter your name.
    • **   Type: “your FIRST NAME ONLY” – “your teacher’s LAST NAME only”
    • Sample:   Jane-Ensmann, where your first name is “Jane” and your teacher’s last name is “Ensmann”**
  • If you cannot access the Blackboard/Collaborate classroom, you will need to:
    1. Download the newest version of Java to see and hear lessons. This is a free download. Access and download it here: Java.
    2. Try opening the room in a different internet browser.
    3. Now, visit the link for the lesson under More Details (in the calendar appointment) and RSVP to the instructor that you will be attending this   lesson! **You must RSVP for the particular lesson(s) that you plan on attending.
    4. On the day of the lesson, sign into the class link (within the appointment) 10-15 minutes early!
    5. While in the classroom, if you have a question RAISE YOUR HAND so your instructor recognizes you while she/he presents (just like in a physical classroom).
    6. Watch this video to watch “how to”! :)

If an emergency arises and the instructor is unable to hold the lesson, you should be notified via email. Only those students who RSVP will be notified about the change or cancellation!

If you cannot open or see other items your instructor shows you, download these free players: Real Player, Adobe, and FlashMedia   Player and Quicktime to see and hear lessons. If you are using a Mac, directions to save and print pages may vary slightly.

Still having problems getting into the classroom?  Contact Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support directly and tell them that you can not get into the above classroom.

IRSC ESL, GED Prep, HS Live Virtual Lessons

Click on the appointments below to see what is available just for you! Then, click on the arrow below (above the calendar) to see what’s coming next month too!

Watch this video to learn “How to” take a Screen Capture, then send it to your teacher to show him or her that you attended!

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Pinellas County GED® Live Classes

IRSC Recorded Lessons by Subject

Reading Math Math Special Topics
Changes in Language Over Time Calculating Wages & Salaries Similar & Congruent Shapes
Words & Phrases from Mythology Compare Costs of Major Purchases Converting Temperature e-Learning Orientation
Word Meaning in Poetry Charts, Diagrams & Graphs Converting Measurements e-Learning Orientation-Notes
Compare Two Literary Works Other Number Systems Volume Formulas e-Learning Orientation-YouTube 
Meaning Through Context Instruments & Measurements Perimeter Formulas Activate Rivermail – IRSC e-Mail -YouTube
Interpreting Graphic Elements


Interpreting Graphic Elements

Banking Area Formulas
Interpersonal and Academic Vocabulary Multiplication of Whole Numbers Solving Word Problems Angel & ESL USA Learns-YouTube
Interpret Information Division of Whole Numbers Classify,  Measure and Label
Poetry Elements and Analysis Addition & Subtraction of Whole Numbers Commutative, Distributive & Associative Properties ABE ITTS Orientaton
5 W’s and H questions Calculate & Compare Prices Solving Algebraic Equations ITTS Instructions – YouTube 
Critiquing Literary Text Fractions, Ratio & Proportion Writing Algebraic Expressions
Effects of Language on Text Word Problem Review Order of Operations Career Pathways Videos – YouTube
Adding & Subtracting Integers Multiply & Divide with Integers
Explore Career CHOICES
Fiction or Non-fiction Math-Scale & Scale Drawings Ratio and Proportion Social Studies
Print & Electronic Media Integers Video Percents
Predicting in Reading Scientific Notation Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Decimals Part 2
Elements of Literature Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Decimals Part 1
Figurative Language Language Arts Estimate Decimals & Fractions Science – Biology – Cells
Context Clues Clauses & Sentences Add, Subtract, Round & Estimate
Sequencing Round & Estimate Applying for Scholarships for College
Cause & Effect Graphs & Charts Financial Aid for College
Compare & Contrast Numeration – the Basics
Main Idea Supporting Details Fraction, Decimal, Percent
Add, Subtract Mixed Numbers
Fact or Opinion Add, Subtract Fractions
Multiply/Divide Common Fractions
Language Add/Subtract Fractions
Pre-writing Strategies Mean, Median and Mode
Prefix, Suffix & Root Words Division 2-Digit Divisors
Semantic  & Structural RulesPhrases & ClausesNominative & Objective Case

Quotation Marks

Verbs in the Future Tense

Verbs in the Present Tense

Subject/Verb Agreement

Verbs in the Past Tense

Singular and Plural Nouns

Subject and Predicate

Complete Sentence & Sentence Errors

Capitalization Rules

Parts of Speech

Comma Usage

Easily Confused Verbs

Fraction Word ProblemsEquality and InequalityWord Problems Decimals & Money

Word Problems

IRSC Recorded Lessons by Subject, by Level:  

IRSC Recorded Lessons in YouTube: YouTube Video Channel (“IRSCAECP”)

IRSC Recorded Lessons by Date:


October 22, 2013: Language Arts-Clauses & Sentences

September 3, 2013: Special Topics-e-Learning Orientation

July 24, 2013: Math-Use Charts, Diagrams & Graphs to Solve Problems

July 23, 2013: Math-Banking

July 16, 2013: Math-Instruments & Measurements

July 2, 2013: Math-Charts, Diagrams & Graphs to Solve Problems

July 9, 2013: Math-Other Number Systems

June 25, 2013: Math-Calculating Wages & Salaries

June 18, 2013: Math-Compare Costs of Major Purchases

June 11, 2013: Math-Calculate & Compare Prices

June 4, 2013: Math-Addition & Subtraction of Whole Numbers

May 28, 2013: Math-Division of Whole Numbers

May 21, 2013: Math-Multiplication of Whole Numbers

May 8, 2013: Special Topics-Explore Career CHOICES!

April 30, 2013: Math-Adding & Subtracting Integers

April 9, 2013: Math-Fractions, Ratio & Proportion

April 2, 2013: Math-Scale and Scale Drawings

March 19, 2013: Math-Word Problem Review

March 12, 2013: Math-Geometry-Word Problems

February 26, 2013: Math-Word Problems Decimals & Money

February 19, 2013: Math-Fraction Word Problems

February 18, 2013: Special Topics-e-Learning Orientation

February 12, 2013: Math-Algebra-Equality and Inequality

January 29, 2013:   Math-Geometry-Similar & Congruent Polygons

November 28, 2012: Special   Topics-Applying for Scholarships!

November 5, 2012:   Language-Prewriting Strategies

October 16, 2012:   Math & Science-Convert Forms of Temperature

October   9, 2012: Math-Convert Between Different Levels of Measurement

September 18, 2012:   Language-Prefix, Suffix and Root

September   11, 2012: Language-Semantic and Structural Pattern Rules

September 4,   2012: Language-Changes in English Over Time

August 7, 2012:   Reading-Words & Phrases from Mythology

July 30, 2012:   Language-Phrases & Clauses

July 26, 2012: Reading-Word Meaning in Poetry

July 25, 2012: Math-Volume   Formulas

July 24, 2012:   Reading-Following Complex Directions

July 23, 2012: Math-Volume Formulas

July 19, 2012:   Reading-Compare two reading Selections

July 16,   2012: Language-Nominative & Objective Pronouns

July 12, 2012:   Reading-Meanings of Words in Context

July 10, 2012: Math-Perimeter   Formulas

July 3,   2012: Math-Interpreting Graphic Elements in Text

July 2,   2012: Quotation Marks

June 28,   2012: Reading-Interpersonal and Academic Vocabulary

June 27, 2012: Math-Area Formulas

June 21, 2012: Reading-Interpreting Information from Printed Material

June 14, 2012:   Reading-Poetry Elements and Analysis

June 13, 2012: Math-How   to Solve Word Problems

June 7, 2012:   Reading-”5W’s and H” Questions

May 31, 2012: Reading-Critiquing Literary   Text

May 30, 2012: Math-How   to Classify, Measure, & Label

May 24, 2012: Reading-   Effects of Language on Text

May 23, 2012:   Language-How to Edit Written Work

May 14,   2012: Math-Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties

May 10, 2012: Reading-Fact or Opinion

April 30, 2012:   Math-How to Solve Algebraic EquationsApril 26, 2012: Reading-Fiction or Non-fictionApril 25, 2012:   Language-Verbs in the Future Tense

April 18, 2012: Math-How   to Write Algebraic Expressions

April 17, 2012:   Reading-Print and electronic media

April 12, 2012: Reading-Predicting

April 11, 2012:   Language-Verbs in the Present Tense

April 9, 2012:   Language-Verbs in the Present Tense

April 5, 2012:   Reading-Elements of Literature

April 4, 2012: Math-Order of   Operations

March 29,   2012: Math-Multiply and Divide with Integers

March 28, 2012: Language-Subject-Verb   Agreement

March 15, 2012: Special   Topic-Financial Aid for College 101

March 13, 2012: Math-Integers-

(**Fast   forward to the 1:30 time frame point to see this lesson**)

March 12, 2012:   Language-Verbs in the Past Tense

March 6, 2012:   Math-Ratio and Proportion

March 5, 2012:   Language-Singular and Plural Nouns

March 1, 2012: Math-Percents

February 29, 2012:   Language-The Subject and Predicate

February 21, 2012: Math-Add, Subtract, Multiply and divide decimals Part 2

February 14,   2012: Math-Decimals add, subtract, multiply and divide Part 1

February 7, 2012:   Math-Estimate Decimals and Fractions

February   6, 2012: Language-The Complete Sentence (and common sentence errors)

January   31, 2012: Math-Adding & Subtracting with Rounding & Estimation

January 30, 2012:   Language-Capitalization Rules

January 24, 2012:   Math-Rounding & Estimation

January 23,   2012: Language-Introduction to Parts of Speech

January 21, 2012:   Special Topic-ABE-e-Learning ITTS Orientation

January 17, 2012: Math-Graphs   & Charts

January 17, 2012: IRSC   Adult Ed-E-Learning Orientation

January 10, 2012: Math-Numeration-The   Basics

January 9, 2012: Language-Comma Usage

December 12, 2011: Math-Place Value   and Rounding Whole Numbers

December   5, 2011: Math-Converting Between Fractions, Decimals and Percents

November 29, 2011:   Reading-Figurative Language

November 28,   2011: Math-Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

November   17, 2011: Math-Adding & Subtracting with and without Common Denominators

November 15, 2011: Reading-Context   Clues

November 14, 2011:   Math-Multiply & Divide Common Proper Fractions

November 8, 2011: Reading-Sequencing

November 7, 2011: Math-Adding & Subtracting Fractions  

October   31, 2011: Math-Mean, Median, Mode & Range

October 25, 2011: Reading-Cause   & Effect

October 17, 2011: Math-Long Division   with Two-Digit Divisors

October 11, 2011: Reading-Compare   & Contrast

October 10, 2011: Math-Scientific Notation

October   4, 2011: Reading-Main Idea & Supporting Details

October   3, 2011: Special Topic-IRSC Adult Ed-e-Learning Orientation

September 29, 2009: Biology-The Human   Body

September 24, 2009: Easily   Confused Verbs

September 15, 2009: Biology- Cells

September 14, 2009: Social   Studies

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